About Kinetic Spraying

About Kinetic Spraying

Cold gas spraying is the fastest growing thermal spray technology

but it is complex to handle

Advantages of cold gas spraying

Cold spray coatings

  • are dense & provide high corrosion resistance
  • reach bulk mechanical properties in tension
  • have high purity and no oxide contaminations
  • show high electrical & thermal conductivity

Cold spraying is cost effective due to

  • high deposition efficiency
  • short processing times
  • comparably low processing costs

Cold Spray Applications cover fields of

  • functional coatings
  • repair of parts
  • additive manufacturing (order of magnitude higher deposition rate than in laser based processes)
Machinable 316L on copper

Is there another simple way of applying machinable 316 L on Copper directly?

Key challenges for users

  • Coating quality is dependent on the right choice of parameters
  • Even experienced users need time and money for testing
  • Equipment and powder variety is increasing quickly and driving complexity
  • Reliable prediction of coating quality is increasingly important
  • Stable process parameters need to be selected to achieve reliable results also in everyday production conditions
Knowledge based support on parameter selection is essential to increase the range of applications of kinetic spray technology.
KSS software enables users to save time and money in selecting appropriate parameters, and understanding the mechanisms of the spray process.