About Us

About Us

Comprehensive software solution


Laboratories used for scientific research take many forms because of the differing requirements of specialists.

Kinetic Spray Solutions offers a comprehensive software package:

  • to explore new materials
  • to provide a tool for systematic spray parameter selection
  • to meet critical application challenges
  • to save time and money
  • o solve difficult coating challenges
  • to choose cost-effective powder feedstock
  • to estimate feasibility and costs for potential new applications and customers
  • FOCUSED ON CORE FUNCTIONALITY: The software is focused on the needs of users in science and production. Get your results quickly and easily access the results of previous setups.
  • WEB BASED: No local installation required, all you need is a internet connection, a modern web browser or a smartphone. Focus on your work, not on installers, license files or dongles.bus leo.
  • UP TO DATE: KSS will provide updates to the software on a regular basis without extra costs. This way we make sure that you get out latest thinking. Nobody is perfect from the beginning, but we will step by step enhance our solution portfolio to match your needs.